12 April 2023

Mehrauli Archeological park

 The Wonder of Mehrauli: Adham Khan's Tomb

Adham Kahn's Tomb at Mehrauli

As you enter the Mehrauli Archeological Park in Delhi, your eyes will be drawn towards a magnificent structure that stands tall amidst the greenery. This is the tomb of Adham Khan, a 16th century historical monument that was built as a tribute to Emperor Akbar's General and his mother, Maham Anga.

The tomb is an architectural marvel, featuring an octagonal domed chamber surrounded by arched verandahs. This design is unique and not seen in any Mughal building of that period. It is said that Emperor Akbar himself commanded the construction of this tomb in 1566.

However, the tomb's history is not without controversy. Adham Khan, the general for whom the tomb was built, was known for his arrogance and disregard for authority. He committed a grave offense by killing Ataga Khan, another high-ranking official in Akbar's court. This act angered Akbar, who had Adham Khan thrown off the balcony of his palace.

After Adham Khan's death, his body was brought to this site and buried in this magnificent tomb. It is said that the staircase inside the tomb's walls resembles a labyrinth, earning it the nickname "Bhool Bhulaiyya".

Today, the Adham Khan Tomb is a popular tourist attraction and a prominent landmark in the Mehrauli Archeological Park. As visitors explore the park's many other historical structures, they can marvel at the architectural genius that went into creating this stunning monument.

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